mercredi 23 mars 2011

Usavich 39

Episode 39 -The Thirteenth Floor (13 階)

Putin, Kirenenko and Mekanenko enter The Boss's chamber while his mistresses flee. The Boss holds Putin at gunpoint but this does not stop Kirenenko from asking for the limited edition sneakers. It's revealed that The Boss was the one who bombed the Kirenenko twins.
With Kirenenko going berserk and Putin sabotaging his gun, the Boss ends up on the street, found by Boris and Copuchief and sent to prison, as he's a fugitive at large himself. The episode ends with Kirenenko polishing his newly-gained sneakers and Putin having a huge meal with Mekanenko. Komanech also revives by possessing a boiled egg, but once again Leningrad eats him
Sorry For the wait i've been busy but at last the final episode . Please post comments for further posting ideas (videos)

jeudi 10 mars 2011

Usavich 38

Episode 38 -The Twelfth Floor (12 階)

The Boss has prepared a fighting robot on the twelfth floor to fight Kirenenko. While Kirenenko has the upper hand, the Boss plays an advertising clip for Kirenenko's favourite sneakers. Distracted, Kirenenko gets punched, bringing Putin and Mekanenko straight down to the street along with himself. Enraged, Kirenenko punches away the storeys of the building one by one, until the top floor is at ground level (Crushing the fighting robot). The episode ends as the pedestrians watch the scene in awe, and Mekanenko helps Putin out of the ground. Putin's face and eyes are totally in white.

mardi 8 mars 2011

Usavich 37

Episode 37 – The Eleventh Floor (11 階)

The crew arrive at a level with a big safe. Oblivious to the security system, Kirenenko is cut into half when he approaches it. The Kirenenko-bot re-attaches him and walks in front of him at the next try. The beam cuts open the Kirenenko-bot, revealing a mirror inside. Reflecting the beam with the mirror, the bot destroys the security system.
After opening several safes (one inside another), Kirenenko obtains a box with the picture of the special edition sneakers. Opening it reveals a narcissistic picture of the Boss, and Kirenenko angrily tears it into pieces.

Usavich 36

Episode 36 – The Tenth Floor (10 階)

The crew (joined by the Kirenenko-bot) arrive at a kitchen, and Putin starts preparing a meal, only to be sabotaged by Leningrad (eating all ingredients) and the robot (mixing poisonous liquid into the brew). When Putin tries his meal he faints. The robot comes across a big hen, which cries upon seeing Komanech's spirit. The robot brings it into the oven, knocking the real Kirenenko in on the way.
When Putin recovers from the sickness, he sees a blackened Kirenenko eating the big, cooked chicken.

lundi 7 mars 2011

Usavich 35

Episode 35 – The Ninth Floor (9 階)

Putin, carrying Kirenenko's corpse, arrives at an electric facility room. Putin tries to revive Kirenenko by electricity, but the Boss, seeing them, orders a team of snipers to go after them. Putin builds a make-shift Kirenenko robot to scare them away.
After that, the relieved Putin found Kirenenko alive and himself attached to electrodes. It turns out that the electrodes are brought up by the Kirenenko robot and he shocks both rabbits for fun. Putin then dances and screams at the same time.

We are aproaching the end of the usavichs videos as the last episode is the 39th.Don't worry will post other funny videos once these are finished and thx all for support and comments^^

Usavich 34

Episode 34 – The Eighth Floor (8 階)

This episode features in a boxing place. Kirenenko steps in the ring by beating one of the participants, and promptly wins the other. The Boss sees this and injects some strengthening medicine to his minion. While his minion cripples Kirenenko's left arm, the Boss, in excitement, mistakenly injects the medicine on Kirenenko too. Kirenenko beats the minion fiercely but dies after that, greatly horrifying Putin, that he screams loudly again.

dimanche 6 mars 2011

Usavich 33

pisode 33 – The Seventh Floor (7 階)

The seventh floor is a public washroom with a golden toilet in the middle. While Kirenenko and Putin are having their sessions, Komanech flies upstairs and possesses the Boss, who's still having trouble detaching the missile from his rear.
Kirenenko goes berserk twice, one through constipation and the other due to a lack of toilet paper. He resorts to fisting into Putin's space and takes his entire roll of toilet paper. After he gives Putin only one piece of toilet paper, Putin then screams very loudly and his face is half white with half blue. When he finishes and walks out of the closet, he watches the Boss's golden statue on the toilet, and fists it up. It hits the Boss upstairs, rushes the missile into him, causing an explosion. The episode ends as Komanech leaves the passed out Boss.

Usavich 32

Episode 32 – The Sixth Floor (6 階)

Kirenenko and Putin arrive at a warehouse, seeing the sneakers' showcase located in front of them. This is revealed to be another trap of the Boss, and he fires bullets fiercely at Kirenenko. Kirenenko bounces all bullets and destroys all guns, then the Boss fires a missile at him. Kirenenko hits it upwards and it ends up crashing into the Boss upstairs.

Usavich 31

Episode 31 – The Fifth Floor (5 階)

Similar to the fifth episode of previous seasons, this episode is a musical. Putin crashes the disc jockey onto the ceiling, and all the customers there get mad. They throw weapons toward Putin, which he successfully avoids. Putin then starts to be a part time DJ at the dance pool. Leningrad's sound causes Putin to do the job himself and soon everyone inside starts dancing. Meanwhile, the Boss is having narcisstic pictures of himself take. Kirenenko soon arrives and joins them, but frustrated by the small space (which causes everyone to bump into and hit him), beats everyone up.

Usavich 30

Episode 30 – The Fourth Floor (4 階)

Kirenenko and Putin arrive at a high class restaurant. Putin starts eating gluttonously. Kirenenko decides his fish rotten and throws it towards Putin, who gets his face slapped by the fish. The Boss saw them and ordered the waiter to charge them.
Just as Kirenenko is about to have his meal, the waiter tells them to pay 100,000 Rurs. Kirenenko opens a hidden device in his suitcase and pays the meal with lots of gold bars. Then the waiter changed the bill to 10,000,000 Rurs, but Kirenenko still manages to pay it with some jewelry in another hidden device.
The waiter tries to change the bill again. This time Kirenenko becomes enraged and throws up the table, along with the waiter and Putin (who is still being slapped by the fish).

Usavich 29

Episode 29 – The Third Floor (3 階)

Kirenenko and Putin arrive at a casino. Putin loses all his money due to the Boss's manipulation. After that Kirenenko is discovered winning incredible amounts from a slot machine. The Boss tries to make Kirenenko lose but upon seeing this, Kirenenko wrecks all the slot machines to make them gush coins.

samedi 5 mars 2011

Usavich 28

Episode 28 – The Second Floor (2 階)

The second floor is a bar. All customers are masked and when two of them see Kirenenko and Putin they try to threaten them with knives, only to be badly beaten by Kirenenko. All others escaped in fear.
Putin tries a taste of a strong brew and gets drunk immediately. When Kirenenko sits down (asking for his sneakers) the Boss orders the barmaid to make a toxic brew for Kirenenko. Kirenenko survives the first cup, so the barmaid makes a second brew in a jar. Komanech is overcome by the fume and promptly dies (with Leningrad devouring his spirit too, but he manages to escape soon after that, and appears in the following episodes as a spirit). Kirenenko also survives and his burp poisons the barmaid instead. The episode ends with Kirenenko getting a little bit drunk and hiccups.

Usavich 27

Episode 27 – The First Floor (1 階)

Putin and Kirenenko, in their damaged car from the previous episode, stop at a large shopping complex. The shopping complex is briefly revealed to have 13 floors. Kirenenko enters the sneakers shop, showing the shopkeeper the advertisement on his magazine. The horrified shopkeeper points to the specially designed display box, indicating that particular pair of sneakers costs a hundred thousand rubles (The animation used a fictional unit of "Rur"). Kirenenko swiftly presents the vast amount of money in his suitcase, causing the shopkeeper to phone his boss (the antagonist in this season) upstairs, on 13th floor (who's playing video games with his mistresses). The boss sees the money through CCTV and triggers a trapdoor, making Kirenenko fall into a spiked pit. Putin manages to evade all subsequent trapdoor triggers, making the frustrated boss open the entire floor, from which only Leningrad manages to jump away. Meanwhile, Kirenenko sees the spikes below, grabbing one of them and rebound to the surface, bringing Putin back on the way and crashing the shopkeeper through the ceiling. While Putin is passed out because of fright, Kirenenko discovers the CCTV camera and shows his enraged face to the boss through it.

Usavich 26

Episode 26 – Watch for General Offensive (総攻撃注意)

Continuing from the previous episode, the police start firing on them. Putin activates the armor while the police cars surround them and fire, ripping off the front armor panels and ripping Kirenenko's magazine. Kirenenko becomes enraged and runs toward the police, smashing their cars one by one, causing the police to flee. Boris and Copuchief start firing everything they have, but Kirenenko remains unfazed. Putin wakes up in the car (now with the top torn off) and looks over to see the police and their cars buried in the ground. Kirenenko gets in and they drive off as the sun sets, heading toward a city.

Usavich 25

Episode 25 – Watch for Inspection (検問注意)

Putin stops at the end of a long line of cars at a roadblock set up by the police force to try to find Kirenenko and him, and pushes a button which disguises both rabbits. The police pull Putin out and frisk him, while other officers find Kirenenko and drag him out into the road. Boris and Copuchief arrive and begin firing. Putin gets back in the car and pushes a button to grab Kirenenko and jump away from the scene. He looks back to see a bunch of police cars chasing after them, even driving on the hills on both sides of the road.

Usavich 24

Episode 24 – Watch for Fakes (偽物注意)

The car pulls up to a roadside kiosk, and Putin gets out to buy food, which he eats, then runs into the outhouse, which explodes. Kirenenko walks up to the stand and sees a row of sneakers. He picks up a pair of them, which also explodes. The "shopkeeper" is then revealed to be a painting on a tank with the police inside. They repeatedly fire on Kirenenko, driving him into the ground. Kirenenko burrows into the tank and fires both of the police into the ground.

Usavich 23

Episode 23 – Watch for Mods (改造注意)

Putin works on the car and gets back in to test the new functions, including armor and a machine that brushes the driver's teeth. Putin looks back to see the toothbrush has made a second hole in Kirenenko's magazine. Kirenenko gets back in the car, having been on the side of the road, and notices the hole. Before he can do anything, however, Putin pushes the ejector seat button, temporarily getting himself out of harm's way, until Kirenenko drives up below where he was landing. Putin screams with white face.

Usavich 22

Episode 22 – Watch for Tanks (戦車注意)

Putin drives along with Kirenenko's corpse beside him, his head bandaged up. A tank appears in front of them and fires on the car, which swerves around the tank before they get fired on again. The tank turns around and continues shooting, causing damage to and eventually shatters the car, which Putin quickly fixes. He then presses a button on the dash to pop out bigger tires and the jet engine, and they get away from the tank. The previously dead Kirenenko reanimates and takes the bandages off to reveal that his eye is now in the wrong place.

Usavich 21

Episode 21 – Watch your Speed (スピード注意)

The engine overheats, and Putin gets out to look, noticing a jet flying overhead. Kirenenko throws a boulder at it, and the jet crashes right next to them, causing Putin to faint. Kirenenko pulls him along the road and wakes him up next to the jet's engine. Putin attaches the engine to the back of the car and starts it up, but it goes right through the car, with the rabbits in front of it. Pieces of Kirenenko's head start flying off until he eventually dies, with a halo appearing above him. Putin then screams hysterically.

vendredi 4 mars 2011

Usavich 20

Episode 20 – Watch for Punctures (パンク注意)

One of the tires goes flat, and Putin stops the car to fix it. Kirenenko takes this opportunity to get out and lay on the hill next to the road. Putin quickly replaces the tire, but before he can put the lugnuts back on, the new tire also goes flat. The police drive up in an armored tank and fire on Kirenenko, which blows him onto the road. He rips the top off the tank and forces them to pull his car along the road, while Putin chases holding a tire.

Usavich 19

Episode 19 – Watch for Missiles (ミサイル注意)

Kirenenko shines his sneakers until Komanech reveals herself to be inside the sneaker, which causes him to stick her head out the window and rolling it up until she's trapped. The police arrive, armed with a missile launcher. They fire it, carrying Kirenenko out the front of the car. The missile eventually runs out of fuel, causing him to crash on top of the police car and detonate the missile. The explosion propels Kirenenko back toward his own car, but carries Putin out of the car, which now chases after them.

Usavich 18

Episode 18 – Watch for Dancers (ダンス注意)

Putin drives along the road with Leningrad beside him and Kirenenko in the back seat. Like episode 5, this episode is an exploration of music created from sounds in their environment, including the police firing on their car. At the end of the episode, Leningrad defecates out Komanech.

Usavich 17

Episode 17 – Watch for Snipers (狙撃注意)

Putin stops the car at a roadblock, which is a trap by the police to kill them with sniper rifles. Boris fires at Kirenenko, and they celebrate until realizing the bullet only made a hole in Kirenenko's magazine. He notices the hole and becomes enraged, throwing the boxes and barrels that make up the roadblock and even his own car at the police, causing an explosion that rains down car parts on them, as well at Kirenenko's suitcase, which he catches.

Usavich 16

Episode 16 – Watch for Uphill Traffic (坂道発進注意)

Continuing from episode 15, Putin stands on the roof, looking up and trying to figure out how to get back up the cliff. He eventually ties a string to Komanech and gets her to fly up, which is thwarted by Leningrad eating her, which causes them to drop, with Putin now holding on to a small ledge. He hears the car being started below him, and looks down to see Kirenenko backing out of the cliff, dropping for a moment, then driving straight up, catching Putin and the others in the process. Putin lands in the car, and sees Kirenenko in the back seat again.

Usavich 15

Episode 15 – Watch the Road (脇見運転注意)

Similar to the previous episode, Putin is nearly hit by a truck passing by. The police return, aiming guns at the car, but hitting the side of a tunnel the rabbits' car is driving through. Exiting the tunnel, Putin notices a hen crossing ahead of them. The hens begin to panic before the car plows into them, causing Komanech to blush along with the hens. Putin then sees a cliff ahead of them, and Kirenenko in the backseat reading his magazine. He moves over to the driver's seat before the car goes over the cliff, embedding the car in the other side.

Usavich 14

Episode 14 – Watch for Aggressive Drivers (乱暴運転注意)

Putin sticks his head out the window while Kirenenko is driving down the road, narrowly avoiding being hit by road signs and various vehicles, with most of the vehicles swerving out of the way and crashing. This attracts the attention of the police (militsiya), Boris and Copuchief. They begin ramming the car the rabbits are in, which riles Kirenenko to jump out of the car and stand on the trunk, grabbing the police car when they try to vault toward him, and pounding the car on the ground until the car flies off and Kirenenko is left holding a small piece of metal.

Usavich 13

Episode 13 – Time for Release (出所の時間)

Putin realizes that he is only one day from release and starts packing his belongings, as well as Leningrad and Komanech. Kirenenko is reading his magazine when he notices a pair of sneakers he wants. He pounds a hole around the cell window and walks out, then pounds a hole in the prison wall. Putin cautiously follows him, dodging bullets. Kirenenko stops a car with his foot, then gets in the driver's seat. Putin joins him as a passenger, and they head off down the road.

Usavich 12

Episode 12 – Time for Torture (リンチの時間)

In the middle of the night, five prison guards sneak into the cell and beat Kirenenko. Eventually they realize Kirenenko has disappeared in the midst of their beating, and look to up to see him above them, with a demonic look on his face. The guards pull out machine guns and begin firing, while Kirenenko jumps to the ground and crushes one of them, and catches bullets being fired by the rest. They fire a rocket at him, which Kirenenko swallows. Their final attack involves a tank being brought in and fired, which does not faze him at all. He crushes the four remaining guards and throws them out of the room. Some time later, Putin wakes up (having slept through the events of this episode) and sees the cell door covered with a brick wall.

Usavich 11

Episode 11 – Time for Execution (処刑の時間)

The executioner arrives to carry out Kirenenko's sentence. At first he tries to behead Kirenenko with a guillotine, but the blade shatters against Kirenenko's neck. The executioner seals the cell and fills it with poison gas, causing Putin to jump into the toilet for safety. Kirenenko inhales the poison gas, then exhales it directly into the executioner's gas mask, killing him. Putin lifts his head out of the toilet, and Kirenenko farts poison gas in his face.

Usavich 10

Episode 10 – Time for Toilet (トイレの時間)

Putin is dancing on his bed when he suddenly needs to use the toilet. Looking over to the toilet, he sees Kirenenko already using it. He looks anxiously at the guard, but the guard is indifferent and knocks him toward the toilet. Kirenenko bats him back to the door, and the guard hurriedly moves aside to let Putin use the guard toilet. Putin finally relieves himself, but he accidentally drops the toilet paper. Kirenenko kicks it off to the side, causing Putin to panic again.

Usavich 9

Episode 9 – Time for a Snack (おやつの時間)

This episode begins in much the same way as Episode 1, but with sugar cubes on the plate instead of fish. Putin sits down and starts licking the cubes while Kirenenko gets up, knocks on the door, and flicks the sugar cubes into the guard's eyes, which causes him to close his visor again. Kirenenko knocks on the door again, and the guard gives Kirenenko a bomb disguised as a pastry. Kirenenko eats it without hesitation, and surprises the guard when the bomb explodes without killing him. Kirenenko burps smoke, then enters a rage and crushes the guard, causing the door to be boarded up again. The episode ends with Kirenenko eating cake and tea while Putin begins to eat another disguised bomb.

Usavich 8

Episode 8 – Time for Gambling (ギャンブルの時間)

Putin and a guard are playing a card game. Putin plays a card showing a rabbit walking out of his jail cell, which is countered by a card with a noose on it. Putin then plays a card showing a rabbit digging out of jail, which is countered by an electric chair, a guillotine, and a rabbit facing a firing squad. The firing squad card causes Putin to be knocked back to the floor as if shot in the chest. The guard celebrates his victory for a moment before Kirenenko sits down at the table to play. This time, the guard makes the first move: the firing squad card from the previous game. Kirenenko responds by entering a rage and playing four Joker cards, showing rabbits holding an axe, a spiked club, a chainsaw, and a shotgun, respectively. The guard slumps backward in defeat, and Kirenenko counts his winnings while Putin shivers in the corner, his genitals blocked by Komanech.

jeudi 3 mars 2011

Usavich 7

Episode 7 – Time for Exercise (体操の時間)

Putin is again jumping on his bed as the guard's visor slides open and his arms stick out holding a whistle and a billy club. Putin eagerly runs up to begin his exercise. The guard starts blowing the whistle, going at a quicker pace with each exercise, causing Putin to move faster until he passes out on the floor. The guard then notices Kirenenko lying on the bed reading his magazine, and starts blowing his whistle and beating the billy club on the floor to get his attention, but does not notice Kirenenko has already walked over to in front of the door. Kirenenko grabs the whistle and club and starts blowing on the whistle, forcing the guard to start exercising instead. Like Putin, the increasingly strenuous exercise causes him to pass out.

Usavich 6

Episode 6 – Time for Visitors (面会の時間)

Putin is hopping on his bed when the boarded-up door slides aside to reveal a window with a stool. Putin sits on the stool, and looks around for a moment before Leningrad's mother, Sharapova, is raised up toward the window on the other side. Putin carries Leningrad to the stool. Leningrad and Sharapova croak at each other, and Leningrad returns to the closed toilet seat. The window with Sharapova slides away to reveal another window, this time with Komanech's mother behind it. Putin and Leningrad both turn and look at Komanech before he realizes who the visitor is and runs toward her. Just before reaching the window, however, Komanech is eaten by Leningrad again. Komanech's mother bursts through the window to rescue him. Her abrupt entry upsets Kirenenko and he is shown eating her at the end of the episode as Putin sobs while holding a portrait of the dead hen.

Usavich wiki little info article

Usavich (ウサビッチ Usabicchi, from うさぎ "usagi", rabbit, with "vich" giving it faux Russian flavor) is a series of animated short films originally created for MTV's Japanese mobile service "Flux" and still being created for MTV Japan by Satoshi Tomioka and his studio Kanaban Graphics since 2006. It is about an odd couple of rabbits imprisoned in a Soviet prison. While the first season shows the absurd everyday occurrences of the two rabbits' prison life, the second season tells the adventures of their escape and life on the run. Season 3 revolves around their adventure to the 13th and top floor of a shopping complex in a city.



Kirenenko (キレネンコ?) wears a prison uniform with red stripes, number 04. He has a safety pin stuck through his left ear. Originally a mafia boss, he was sentenced to death. He once had a twin brother. Generally quiet, but very dangerous when he becomes angry and goes berserk. He likes order and does not forgive anyone who crosses his path or otherwise "meddles" in his life. He collects sneakers and is generally oblivious to, or apathetic about, the world around him while he reads his magazine advertising sneakers. He cares for nothing but his sneakers. He is also almost invincible as normal weapons such as bullets and clubs won't even harm him. Poisons don't work on him either. When he dies, he is easily revived if pieced back together. He is the main protagonist, along with Putin.


Putinプーチン Pūchin) wears a prison uniform with green stripes, number 541. Has his ears tied together and is good-natured. He likes to dance kozachok on his bed (episode 12 shows him dancing kozachok in his sleep). Likes fun but often gets in trouble. He was an honest laborer who once missed a day of work due to a hangover and was sentenced to 3 years in jail as a capitalist agent. However, he enjoys life in prison with its free food and is a master of cooking. He was only one day from being released when he followed Kirenenko out of the cell. He panics very easily, enough so that his face will turn blue, red, and/or white when he is nervous depending on the situation. He will also screams loudly He also has low tolerance of alcohol; a single cup of wine making him extremely drunk. He is however a very capable mechanic, able to build robots, assemble cars and disassemble guns, each within a split second. He and Kirenenko are the main protagonists of the series.


Leningrad (レニングラード Reningurādo?) is an Argentinian Horned Frog living in the toilet in Putin and Kirenenko's cell. He does little more than croak, eat Komanech, and defecate her out again.


Komanech (コマネチ Komanechi) is a transvestite chick found by Putin while sorting chicks by gender in Episode 2. Her mother visited during episode 6 and was eaten by Kirenenko. She is repeatedly killed throughout the series, but comes back to life on a regular basis.

Prison workers  

Several guards and other prison workers visit Putin and Kirenenko in their cell. They are never fully visible, and the character on the other side of the door is indicated by one of several door designs that slide into place. Episode 3 briefly reveals that they too are rabbits.

  • Kanschkov (カンシュコフ Kanshukofu) – various guards (from kanshu, Japanese for prison guard)
  • Roudov (ロウドフ Rōdofu) – work boss (from rodou, labor)
  • Zenirov (ゼニロフ Zenirofu) – paymaster (from zeni, cash)
  • Shokeisky (ショケイスキー Shokeisukī) – executioner (from shokei, execution)
They only appear in season 1, where they are the primary (and only) antagonists. (Kanschkov also appear in the last episode of season 3.)

Boris (ボリス Borisu) and Koptsev (コプチェフ Kopuchefu) are militsiya (police) officers, who chase Kirenenko. Koptsev is a driver while Boris a rifleman. Both characters appear in season 2, where they are the antagonists, and the last episode of season 3.

The Boss

Zrzolov (ズルゾロフ Zuruzorofu) is the owner of the tower, venue of season 3, in which he is the main antagonist. He is usually seen with his two mistresses. He is rich, greedy and narcissistic. Throughout the season he tries to kill Kirenenko and take his money. His name is Zrzolov, and he is wanted with reward of 1,000,000 Roubles. During the last episode, he was portrayed to be the one who had killed both Kirenenko and his twin brother by entrapping them in a warhead with bait of sneakers, and blast them off sky high, although Kirenenko doesn't seem to remember this.


Mechanenko (メカネンコ Mekanenko) is a robot built by Putin in episode 35, to scare away the snipers sent by the Boss. It follows the cast thereafter.

Usavich 5

Episode 5 – Time for Dancing (ダンスの時間)

The door is still tied up and leaning against one side of the cell. Leningrad is crouching on the closed toilet seat while Putin and Kirenenko lay on their beds, Kirenenko reading his usual magazine advertising sneakers. This episode is mainly an exploration of music created from incidental sounds in the environment. At the end of the episode, Leningrad defecates out Komanech.

Usavich 4

Episode 4 – Time for Pleasure (娯楽の時間)

Kirenenko makes the captured guard serve as a pool table, using Komanech and the Matryoshka dolls as balls. He breaks and immediately wins by making the guard swallow all of the dolls. Next, he turns the guard into a ping-pong table and plays ping-pong with Putin. The ball comes to a rest just under the guard's nose and the guard sneezes, blowing the ball into the toilet. Kirenenko beats up the guard, then ties the door around him and uses him as a seat while he goes fishing in the toilet (using Komanech as bait). He feels a tug on the line and pulls up the frog, Leningrad.

usavich 3

Episode 3 – Time for Shower (シャワーの時間)

The guard hoses Putin down with a fire hose, scrubs his pudendum which makes Putin giggle with ecstasy, rinses him off, and hangs him by his ears to dry. Putin's eyes glaze over. The guard then looks at Kirenenko, who is lying in his bed. Kirenenko jumps on top of the water stream and rides it. The guard cuts off the water abruptly and Kirenenko lands in the toilet. Kirenenko angrily pulls both the door and the guard into the cell, slamming them down head-first behind him. Komanech flies into the cell before the other guards board up the doorway. The episode ends with the guard (still behind the door) giving Kirenenko a proper shower.

Usavich 2

Episode 2 – Time for Work (労働の時間)

The work boss arrives and Putin eagerly goes to work. He easily completes his first task of assembling Matryoshka dolls, and then is given chicks to identify as male or female. When he comes across Komanech he pauses, then throws her into the female slot. The boss snaps the whip on him and leaves. The paymaster then arrives and flips a coin over Putin's head toward Kirenenko, who is sitting on the toilet. As Putin dives for the coin, Kirenenko moves aside and Putin lands in the toilet.

mercredi 2 mars 2011

Usavich 1

Episode 1 – Time for Food (食事の時間)

Putin is dancing on his bed and Kirenenko is lying on his bed, reading a magazine advertising sneakers. The guard arrives and gives them two plates of fish. Putin tries to eat the fish in one mouthful, but is slapped by the fish's tail repeatedly in apparent retaliation. Kirenenko displays his displeasure with the dish (apparently stale) to the guard by tossing the fish into the toilet bowl behind him, but the guard instead produces him with a plate of eaten fish, laughing and mocking at Kirenenko. Kirenenko then becomes enraged, and repeatedly beat up the guard (who was all the while behind the door) through the guard's own pincers. In the end, Kirenenko is seen dining on a dish of sautéed carrot, the guard shown as being quite badly injured and shivering in apparent fear for Kirenenko, while Putin remains in a state of being repeatedly slapped by the same fish's tail from earlier.