samedi 5 mars 2011

Usavich 22

Episode 22 – Watch for Tanks (戦車注意)

Putin drives along with Kirenenko's corpse beside him, his head bandaged up. A tank appears in front of them and fires on the car, which swerves around the tank before they get fired on again. The tank turns around and continues shooting, causing damage to and eventually shatters the car, which Putin quickly fixes. He then presses a button on the dash to pop out bigger tires and the jet engine, and they get away from the tank. The previously dead Kirenenko reanimates and takes the bandages off to reveal that his eye is now in the wrong place.

3 commentaires:

  1. Just started watch these! Nice animation and good for learning a different language! thanks for sharing!

  2. lol give us more !! i looollllleeeeedddddd