vendredi 4 mars 2011

Usavich 12

Episode 12 – Time for Torture (リンチの時間)

In the middle of the night, five prison guards sneak into the cell and beat Kirenenko. Eventually they realize Kirenenko has disappeared in the midst of their beating, and look to up to see him above them, with a demonic look on his face. The guards pull out machine guns and begin firing, while Kirenenko jumps to the ground and crushes one of them, and catches bullets being fired by the rest. They fire a rocket at him, which Kirenenko swallows. Their final attack involves a tank being brought in and fired, which does not faze him at all. He crushes the four remaining guards and throws them out of the room. Some time later, Putin wakes up (having slept through the events of this episode) and sees the cell door covered with a brick wall.

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