jeudi 3 mars 2011

usavich 3

Episode 3 – Time for Shower (シャワーの時間)

The guard hoses Putin down with a fire hose, scrubs his pudendum which makes Putin giggle with ecstasy, rinses him off, and hangs him by his ears to dry. Putin's eyes glaze over. The guard then looks at Kirenenko, who is lying in his bed. Kirenenko jumps on top of the water stream and rides it. The guard cuts off the water abruptly and Kirenenko lands in the toilet. Kirenenko angrily pulls both the door and the guard into the cell, slamming them down head-first behind him. Komanech flies into the cell before the other guards board up the doorway. The episode ends with the guard (still behind the door) giving Kirenenko a proper shower.

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