lundi 7 mars 2011

Usavich 35

Episode 35 – The Ninth Floor (9 階)

Putin, carrying Kirenenko's corpse, arrives at an electric facility room. Putin tries to revive Kirenenko by electricity, but the Boss, seeing them, orders a team of snipers to go after them. Putin builds a make-shift Kirenenko robot to scare them away.
After that, the relieved Putin found Kirenenko alive and himself attached to electrodes. It turns out that the electrodes are brought up by the Kirenenko robot and he shocks both rabbits for fun. Putin then dances and screams at the same time.

We are aproaching the end of the usavichs videos as the last episode is the 39th.Don't worry will post other funny videos once these are finished and thx all for support and comments^^

8 commentaires:

  1. Oh Putin, you so silly

  2. WTF how come I never discover stuff this good! Followed for more!

  3. i think im getting a little addicted to this lol

  4. I can't seem to lay the clips?!?! that sucks! any official links?

  5. Type in usavich and number of episode on youtude if you cant see them here