dimanche 6 mars 2011

Usavich 33

pisode 33 – The Seventh Floor (7 階)

The seventh floor is a public washroom with a golden toilet in the middle. While Kirenenko and Putin are having their sessions, Komanech flies upstairs and possesses the Boss, who's still having trouble detaching the missile from his rear.
Kirenenko goes berserk twice, one through constipation and the other due to a lack of toilet paper. He resorts to fisting into Putin's space and takes his entire roll of toilet paper. After he gives Putin only one piece of toilet paper, Putin then screams very loudly and his face is half white with half blue. When he finishes and walks out of the closet, he watches the Boss's golden statue on the toilet, and fists it up. It hits the Boss upstairs, rushes the missile into him, causing an explosion. The episode ends as Komanech leaves the passed out Boss.

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