vendredi 4 mars 2011

Usavich 8

Episode 8 – Time for Gambling (ギャンブルの時間)

Putin and a guard are playing a card game. Putin plays a card showing a rabbit walking out of his jail cell, which is countered by a card with a noose on it. Putin then plays a card showing a rabbit digging out of jail, which is countered by an electric chair, a guillotine, and a rabbit facing a firing squad. The firing squad card causes Putin to be knocked back to the floor as if shot in the chest. The guard celebrates his victory for a moment before Kirenenko sits down at the table to play. This time, the guard makes the first move: the firing squad card from the previous game. Kirenenko responds by entering a rage and playing four Joker cards, showing rabbits holding an axe, a spiked club, a chainsaw, and a shotgun, respectively. The guard slumps backward in defeat, and Kirenenko counts his winnings while Putin shivers in the corner, his genitals blocked by Komanech.

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  1. at first I thought this rabbit is playing cards with a door. lol