jeudi 3 mars 2011

Usavich 7

Episode 7 – Time for Exercise (体操の時間)

Putin is again jumping on his bed as the guard's visor slides open and his arms stick out holding a whistle and a billy club. Putin eagerly runs up to begin his exercise. The guard starts blowing the whistle, going at a quicker pace with each exercise, causing Putin to move faster until he passes out on the floor. The guard then notices Kirenenko lying on the bed reading his magazine, and starts blowing his whistle and beating the billy club on the floor to get his attention, but does not notice Kirenenko has already walked over to in front of the door. Kirenenko grabs the whistle and club and starts blowing on the whistle, forcing the guard to start exercising instead. Like Putin, the increasingly strenuous exercise causes him to pass out.

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