samedi 5 mars 2011

Usavich 27

Episode 27 – The First Floor (1 階)

Putin and Kirenenko, in their damaged car from the previous episode, stop at a large shopping complex. The shopping complex is briefly revealed to have 13 floors. Kirenenko enters the sneakers shop, showing the shopkeeper the advertisement on his magazine. The horrified shopkeeper points to the specially designed display box, indicating that particular pair of sneakers costs a hundred thousand rubles (The animation used a fictional unit of "Rur"). Kirenenko swiftly presents the vast amount of money in his suitcase, causing the shopkeeper to phone his boss (the antagonist in this season) upstairs, on 13th floor (who's playing video games with his mistresses). The boss sees the money through CCTV and triggers a trapdoor, making Kirenenko fall into a spiked pit. Putin manages to evade all subsequent trapdoor triggers, making the frustrated boss open the entire floor, from which only Leningrad manages to jump away. Meanwhile, Kirenenko sees the spikes below, grabbing one of them and rebound to the surface, bringing Putin back on the way and crashing the shopkeeper through the ceiling. While Putin is passed out because of fright, Kirenenko discovers the CCTV camera and shows his enraged face to the boss through it.

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