vendredi 4 mars 2011

Usavich 9

Episode 9 – Time for a Snack (おやつの時間)

This episode begins in much the same way as Episode 1, but with sugar cubes on the plate instead of fish. Putin sits down and starts licking the cubes while Kirenenko gets up, knocks on the door, and flicks the sugar cubes into the guard's eyes, which causes him to close his visor again. Kirenenko knocks on the door again, and the guard gives Kirenenko a bomb disguised as a pastry. Kirenenko eats it without hesitation, and surprises the guard when the bomb explodes without killing him. Kirenenko burps smoke, then enters a rage and crushes the guard, causing the door to be boarded up again. The episode ends with Kirenenko eating cake and tea while Putin begins to eat another disguised bomb.

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