dimanche 6 mars 2011

Usavich 30

Episode 30 – The Fourth Floor (4 階)

Kirenenko and Putin arrive at a high class restaurant. Putin starts eating gluttonously. Kirenenko decides his fish rotten and throws it towards Putin, who gets his face slapped by the fish. The Boss saw them and ordered the waiter to charge them.
Just as Kirenenko is about to have his meal, the waiter tells them to pay 100,000 Rurs. Kirenenko opens a hidden device in his suitcase and pays the meal with lots of gold bars. Then the waiter changed the bill to 10,000,000 Rurs, but Kirenenko still manages to pay it with some jewelry in another hidden device.
The waiter tries to change the bill again. This time Kirenenko becomes enraged and throws up the table, along with the waiter and Putin (who is still being slapped by the fish).

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