dimanche 6 mars 2011

Usavich 31

Episode 31 – The Fifth Floor (5 階)

Similar to the fifth episode of previous seasons, this episode is a musical. Putin crashes the disc jockey onto the ceiling, and all the customers there get mad. They throw weapons toward Putin, which he successfully avoids. Putin then starts to be a part time DJ at the dance pool. Leningrad's sound causes Putin to do the job himself and soon everyone inside starts dancing. Meanwhile, the Boss is having narcisstic pictures of himself take. Kirenenko soon arrives and joins them, but frustrated by the small space (which causes everyone to bump into and hit him), beats everyone up.

6 commentaires:

  1. LOL i dont understand this but i really like it

  2. I lol'd when that dude blew up.

  3. Man, this animation style is awesome... Love how the textures are used to give the rabbits an almost real life toy/model feel.