samedi 5 mars 2011

Usavich 28

Episode 28 – The Second Floor (2 階)

The second floor is a bar. All customers are masked and when two of them see Kirenenko and Putin they try to threaten them with knives, only to be badly beaten by Kirenenko. All others escaped in fear.
Putin tries a taste of a strong brew and gets drunk immediately. When Kirenenko sits down (asking for his sneakers) the Boss orders the barmaid to make a toxic brew for Kirenenko. Kirenenko survives the first cup, so the barmaid makes a second brew in a jar. Komanech is overcome by the fume and promptly dies (with Leningrad devouring his spirit too, but he manages to escape soon after that, and appears in the following episodes as a spirit). Kirenenko also survives and his burp poisons the barmaid instead. The episode ends with Kirenenko getting a little bit drunk and hiccups.

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