jeudi 3 mars 2011

Usavich 6

Episode 6 – Time for Visitors (面会の時間)

Putin is hopping on his bed when the boarded-up door slides aside to reveal a window with a stool. Putin sits on the stool, and looks around for a moment before Leningrad's mother, Sharapova, is raised up toward the window on the other side. Putin carries Leningrad to the stool. Leningrad and Sharapova croak at each other, and Leningrad returns to the closed toilet seat. The window with Sharapova slides away to reveal another window, this time with Komanech's mother behind it. Putin and Leningrad both turn and look at Komanech before he realizes who the visitor is and runs toward her. Just before reaching the window, however, Komanech is eaten by Leningrad again. Komanech's mother bursts through the window to rescue him. Her abrupt entry upsets Kirenenko and he is shown eating her at the end of the episode as Putin sobs while holding a portrait of the dead hen.

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