mercredi 2 mars 2011

Usavich 1

Episode 1 – Time for Food (食事の時間)

Putin is dancing on his bed and Kirenenko is lying on his bed, reading a magazine advertising sneakers. The guard arrives and gives them two plates of fish. Putin tries to eat the fish in one mouthful, but is slapped by the fish's tail repeatedly in apparent retaliation. Kirenenko displays his displeasure with the dish (apparently stale) to the guard by tossing the fish into the toilet bowl behind him, but the guard instead produces him with a plate of eaten fish, laughing and mocking at Kirenenko. Kirenenko then becomes enraged, and repeatedly beat up the guard (who was all the while behind the door) through the guard's own pincers. In the end, Kirenenko is seen dining on a dish of sautéed carrot, the guard shown as being quite badly injured and shivering in apparent fear for Kirenenko, while Putin remains in a state of being repeatedly slapped by the same fish's tail from earlier.

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